Burn Snowpark Rally 2011 - Mission 3

Time to pick up the pace: if you want to maintain the opportunity to join the finals of the BURN SNOWPARK RALLY 2011 in cooperation with VÖLKL, you only have one more chance now!

At the third and last part of the coolest online photo competition of the winter, every freeskier and snowboarder is invited to take part. If you operate with good ideas and creativity, you can win nice prizes even without using posh camera equipment. Via video messages, the Völkl team riders Thomas Hlawitschka (GER) and Aline Bock (GER) send you on the last mission of the winter.

Execute your mission at the snowpark of your choice, shoot a creative pic and upload it to www.snowparkrally.com! Originality and fun are more important than technical photo skills.