We have three main areas of expertise that we apply to projects anywhere in the world:

  • Development of high end video platforms used by high-profile brands for LIVE and VOD content free to air or pay-per-view
  • LIVE Streaming services
  • Production and management of Google Hangouts on Air in Fashion, Sports, Entertainment and Politics

As a boutique service provider:

  • We produce the LIVE HD video feed or work with your existing video production company
  • We stream to our video platform and/or to the one(s) of your choice 
  • We offer you a video player with features beyond any other competitive solution
  • We support your web and social media agencies in the integration and promotion of the LIVE or we do it for you
  • We encode on-site or from satellite downlinks at our teleport
  • We work in HD with multiple bit-rates for web and mobile applications
  • We spare no energy to ensure your LIVE stream exceeds your expectations
Apple Design Awards

Google Hangout

Watch Hangout on Air exemples

What is Hangout On Air?

It’s the easiest and cheapest way to broadcast your conversation to a global audience, whether you are an artist, a celebrity or a concerned politician. Go live and stream your concert, your conference,...your hangout. We provide the video production.

Like a professional TV Production

...but at a fraction of the costs. One camera, two cameras, multi camera? Everything a classic TV production can do - we can, too.

You never get closer to your audience

Hangouts are the easiest and cheapest way to reach a world-wide community via a video live stream.

Join from everywhere

Join the Hangout via smartphone or tablet directly from conflict areas, political demonstrations or social hot spots.

Custom Tailored

We plan and organise your Hangout from A to Z.

  • Recruitment and training of participants
  • Production of the advertising graphics
  • G+ page and YouTube page consultancy
  • Production of the LIVE graphics
  • Video edits

Participants Recruitment

With our custom registration forms, we take care of the recruitment of the participants according to your requirements. See all the important details and informations of your participants like name, nationality, age, internet connection speed, availability. Once the preselection is done, we train the most eligible participants.

Participants Training

Let us take care of your participants to have a successful Hangout. During a Training Session, we run some basic tests - i.e. webcam quality, Internet connectivity - with the participants. Our trainers pitch them on what will happen during the Hangout, again according to your requirements.

Graphics Production

We design the graphics, from the opening and closing graphics, lower thirds, to moving and static overlays, as well as transitions.

Video Production

Multi camera Production with play-ins, graphics, video games

Custom Hangout Applications

Custom made applications for a Hangout, i.e. Quizz Show.

Digital Signing

Let your guests digitally sign their album covers or draw and sketch on screen.

Hangout Consultancy

You are planning a professional Hangout and don’t need the whole production package? We can help you with:

  • Recruiting & informing the participants
  • Training participants
  • On-site assistance
  • Technical assistance
  • And everything else you want to know about Hangouts

All Kind Of Event

  • Concerts
  • Political Discussions
  • Interviews
  • News Reports
  • Exhibitions
  • Movies & CD Releases
  • Online Sessions
  • Fashion Shows
  • Quizz Shows
  • Press Conference
  • Product Launch
  • Behind The Scene
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Beauty Talks
  • Video Games


Live Streaming

Freecaster has been producing LIVE streams since 2006. We provide:

  • video feed encoding
  • satellite uplink for encoding at our teleport
  • stream to a custom video player supplied by Freecaster, to YouTube live or to other platforms
  • stream in multiple languages
  • project coordination
  • HD single or multi camera video production

Video Feed Encoding

The HD video feed can either be encoded in multiple bit-rates (qualities) on-site or in the cloud.

Cloud encoding is the preferred solution to reduce costs and on-site bandwidth requirements.

Based on one HD 1080p signal, the Freecaster cloud will generate several feeds for viewing on computers and mobile devices.

Satellite Uplink

When video quality is paramount or when no reliable internet connection is available, Freecaster will use a satellite uplink to send the HD video signal for encoding at its teleport.

Stream to a Custom Player

Freecaster recommends the use of its customisable HTML5/Flash video player as it offers unique LIVE features. Find out more about Freecaster’s custom video player.

The current state of LIVE streaming technology requires LIVE streams to be viewed in a Flash player for desktop web browsers and through HTML5 in the native video player for mobile devices.

Multiple Languages Stream

Using its custom player, Freecaster can provide a LIVE stream with numerous synchronised language feeds within the same video player on desktop as well as on mobile.

Project Coordination

A successful LIVE stream requires close cooperation between the client, the web design agency, the online PR agency, the video production, the venue and Freecaster.

Our extensive experience of various industries, having managed LIVE streams around the world and mastering several languages, we are often required to coordinate LIVE stream projects.

HD Video Production

Freecaster supplies either LIVE video production management or HD video turnkey production.

Our production references range from fashion shows in Shanghai or New York, to conferences throughout Europe and across various events in sports and music.

Live Cloud Encoding/Akamai or Your Own CDN

Send only one video stream from the encoder. The cloud will generate the various qualities. Or you can as well use your own CDN provider

Tailormade Countdown

Your custom countdown made by Freecaster allows you to promote your live weeks before the event. At the end of the countdown, the live automatically starts.

Additional Features

Generate combined reports containing useful informations regarding your live.

Generate combined reports containing useful informations regarding your live.

Enhance your stream experience with 3D.

Accessing your PayPal account, create a Pay-Per-View. Stream to monetise your content.

Enhance your live with a tailormade posterframe. Encourage your viewers to watch the live event.

Monetise your content using the ad server of your choice.

Video Platform

Customised Player Interface

The graphic interface of the player - Flash - is unique for each client. Determine the functions to display in the player, as well as their design.

Multiple Devices

The video player is compatible with responsive design websites and works on:

  • Recent internet browsers (Flash)
  • iOS and Android (HTML5) - with a mobile device, the video stream is played in the native player
  • TV set-top boxes

Adaptive Qualities

Offer the optimal quality to your viewers. The stream quality adapts itself to the viewers' bandwith. From 240p to 1080p.

Custom Posterframe

The player shows a picture - a posterframe - before launching the video. The posterframe can be a designed image made either by your graphic designer or by our team. It encourages viewers to watch the video.

Detailed Analytics

Reports can be generated from the backoffice in PDF file format and contain useful information such as peak audience, unique views, etc. In order to measure clips performance on YouTube, the Freecaster statistic engine will generate a YouTube report as well as a combined report showing the results of both brand and YouTube player.

Pay-Per-View Solutions

The PPV option is compatible with the payment method chosen by the customer and with PayPal by default. Transactions are directly managed on the client's PayPal account without intervention from Freecaster. All income is for the customer.

Close Captions

The back office allows several individuals at various moments via a browser to publish subtitles in their language and to freely edit them.


Include or exclude live streaming from certain country.

Password Protection

By using a variant of the PPV module, Freecaster offers password access to only broadcast to the entitled viewers.

Control On Advertising

The platform is compatible with Google DFP and VideoPlaza advertisement servers. From their DFP or VideoPlaza account, each customer can manage ads shown in their video player. Every advertising revenues remain entirely committed to customer.

Custom Encoding

Dynamic multi-bitrate encoding from 240p to 1080p for internet or mobile devices


The platform is integrated with the MailChimp newsletter servers. After a set-up for configuring both server and graphic of the newsletters, each customer can generate and send newsletters to promote its video content.

The 3rd Dimension

Chose from the player the type of 3D you need. Put your glasses on. Enjoy.

YouTube Intergration

Directly from our backend, you have the possibility to link the channel of your choice to a YouTube account. One link is created, uploaded videos in our backend are also directly uploaded to your YouTube account in the category of your choice. The Freecaster statistic engine will generate a report for the YouTube player as well as a combined report of the brand and the YouTube player.

Akamai Or Your Own CDN

Enhance the performance. Akamai allows to provide video stream all around the world. Or use your own CDN provider.

Multilingual Backoffice

Manage your video content through our multilingual backoffice - including Chinese. Our technical team is there for any support.

Web Service API

Manage your video content through our API web service. Our platform with your tools.

Multilingual Backoffice

Add a watermark to your stream.